Did A Slave Make Your OOTD?

To be perfectly honest, I'd love to just go shopping and buy whatever I want without even thinking about where it came from. But in modern day times we cannot do that! The other day we surveyed our Facebook friends and asked them to name one of their challenges when it comes to clothing/shopping. One of the responses was particularly interesting...."buying slavery-free". Most people don't think about this but we all should! In my fashion class I've taught many lessons over the years about the REAL costs of fashion - the exploitation of workers, child labor, forced labor, and the like...all so we can wear the latest trends. 

Many are not truly aware or informed about the dark side of the fashion industry. I encourage you to do your research about some of your favorite brands. Many of us will be celebrating Independence Day this weekend. Let us remember those who are NOT free. There are several brands that we know and love that are fueling modern day slavery simply through their negligence and failure to monitor the manufacturing processes for their companies. Do your research!

Free2Work, a project of Not For Sale, is a wonderful resource to provide information about fashion brands and their practices. Their goal is provide consumers with information about how products relate to modern day slavery.You can learn how your favorite brands are working to address (or not) forced labor, child labor, and exploitation in various forms.


"Symplifying" fashion for you! 

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