Short And Thick!

Today let's talk to the short, thick girls! We know it can be quite challenging to find clothes for your body type. Trust me...Team Pulchritude knows all about it! But no worries, we've got you covered! Here are a few things we think you should know:

  • Dresses are your BEST option! If you buy the right ones, dresses are an easy, comfortable outfit. All you need is a few accessories, whatever shoes you like, and're done.
  • Go for skinny jeans/pants. If you have to put a small cuff or two in them, it looks much better on skinny pants than it does on boot cut or wide leg ones.
  • Make your own shorts. If you have sewing skills, you've got many more options for this one. If not, cut up a pair or two of old jeans and voila!
  • Tunic tops are your friend. They are super comfy and look great paired with skinny pants.
  • Stretch yourself. Step outside of your comfort zone and take a few fashion risks. Many of your best options may very well be outfits you've never considered.
  • Get help! Even the greatest fashionistas get fashion help from friends, fashion blogs, Pinterest, etc. You're not alone. We ALL need fashion help from time to time.

 Here are a few outfit ideas for you! We also took it a step further and created a lovely Pinterest board with even more inspirations. 

    Short & Curvy: Dresses
    Short & Curvy: Tunics and Skinny Pants

     "Symplifying" fashion for you!

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