#TBT - Closet Challenge!

#TBT!!!! It's Throwback Thursday and we have a challenge for you! Find a THROWBACK in your closet, something that you don't wear anymore, and DONATE IT TODAY! Don't be a clothes hoarder. There are so many people out there who need clothes. Be a blessing! 

If you do this every Thursday, pretty soon you'll have a well trimmed, functional closet filled with items that you will actually wear. That's the goal! For those of you who have a hard time letting go, giving up one item per week is totally manageable. :-)

Send us pics of the items you'll be donating so we can share them on our Instagram page! 

Let's do good work!


"Symplifying" fashion for you!

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  • This is such an amazing idea! If I have permission, I would like to share this on my blog for next Thursday?
    -Shell from acourageousbeauty.com

    • Shell Peterson