7 Tools That Help Keep My Business Alive! (2-3 min read)

We all know...running a small business is hard work! It's certainly a labor of love. But one of the great things about running a business these days is that there are SO MANY tools that make it easier to manage things.

Here are 7 tools that I use on a regular basis to keep things going.

1. Shopify (eCommerce Platform) 

This is the site that hosts ShopPulchritude.com. I love Shopify because it's user friendly and they have integrated so many tools and apps to help grow your business. I also use the Shopify Point-of-Sale app for events/pop ups.

Not free, but the cost is relatively low for what I need ($29 a month).


2. Over (Graphic Design Maker)

With so many templates to choose from for Instagram posts and stories, even if you're not very creative, Over will help you create amazing graphics.

I am currently using the free version of the app.

 Graphic created on Over.


3. CapCut (Video Editing App)

CapCut was recently introduced to me by a business coach/consultant. When it comes to making Instagram Reels, I create the video in CapCut and then upload it to Reels. I've found this to be a much easier way to edit videos.


Video edited on CapCut. 


4. Canva (Graphic Design Software)

I am a HUGE fan of Canva! I have been using Canva since the days when I was a high school teacher. You can basically design everything on Canva - business cards, social media graphics, letterhead, video presentations, flyers, lesson plans, t-shirts, infographics, and the list goes on. 

Not free but inexpensive ($13 a month for the premium account).

 Designed on Canva.com


5. Notebook

I write my to-do list for each week in a notebook, rather than in my phone. There's something about writing things down that helps me focus better on what I need to accomplish. Also, I am one of those people who likes the feeling of crossing things DONE off of a list. Who can relate?

 My latest notebook, purchased from Target. Click here.


6. Microsoft To Do App (To Do List, Task, and Reminder App)

Although I use actual pen and paper for my weekly to do list, I use the Microsoft To Do for other types of lists - Pulchritude shopping lists, Photo Shoot Checklist, Pop Up Event Checklist, Things to Remember For Next Time, etc.



7. Zoho Books (Online Accounting Software)

I use Zoho Books to keep up with expenses, sales, bills, etc. Ya know, the not so fun business stuff.

Not free but inexpensive ($9 a month for my plan)

I would post a pic but I don't need everyone is my financial business so here's a link to check out Zoho for yourself. :-) Click here.


If you have great tools you use for your business, feel free to share the love. Drop a note in the comments!


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