Meet the Models Series: Chimyra Powell (3 min read)

Her name is Chimyra. But we affectionately call her "Kimora" because she is smart, beautiful, and absolutely fabulous! And when it comes to modeling, she KILLS it every single time so effortlessly. She's a true natural. I met Chimyra when she was a teenager. She was one of my kid's favorite babysitters. Mine too because she washed dishes, braided hair, and made sure the girls had a great time. She's a whole grown up now, a wife and a mother. She's also an infertility warrior who has overcome many of the challenges that come along with that journey. I'm in awe of the woman she has become and grateful that we have remained connected all of these years. She's funny, down to earth, sweet as pie, and a great friend. 
        • Hometown? Waldorf, MD
        • What is your current occupation? Talent Acquisition Business Partner
        • What is something you're working on? How can we support you? I’m working on myself. I’m healing. I’m becoming more self-aware and learning that my words have a lasting impact. Shifting my thinking and being intentional with the things I do and how I choose to live life has helped me to be more present in everything I do. Along this journey, I am transparently sharing my thoughts as I grow.
    • Favorite movie from the 90s? Mrs. Doubtfire
      • A book you're currently reading? The Gift of Imperfection by Brene Brown
      • One of your favorite clothing items in your closet? Long sleeve cardigan
      • Complete the sentence: "I feel most beautiful when..." I'm well rested and my hair is blown out."
      • What's one thing you've done that you're super proud of? I've overcome the guilt of putting myself first.
        • Song title that describes your life right now? What's Going On by Marvin Gaye
        • One piece of fashion advice to share with our readers: Don't save outfits. Wear what's dope to you, today!
        • Name a woman you admire and why. Michelle Obama. She's an infertility warrior and overcomer through IVF like me. I love how she remains classy under pressure. The way she supports her husband is admirable.
        • Something you wish every woman knew?  If you invest in yourself first, you'll have what it takes to invest in your loved ones.
        If you are an infertility overcomer, walking on the IVF journey, or challenged with infertility and would like to connect with Chimyra, visit her website here. She's a great resource and person to talk to about this topic.


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