Meet the Models Series: Elena Rall (2 min read)

One of the wonderful things about having great friends and being connected to great people is that they too are typically connected to other great people. This is how I came to meet Elena. We actually have several acquaintances in common and we didn't even know it. Elena is a fellow creative and a mom. So when asked if I'd like to have her join us for the Revival Collection photo shoot I immediately said yes. She brought a cool, calm vibe and great energy to the shoot. I enjoyed working with her! Meet Elena.
      • Hometown? Syracuse, NY
      • What is your current occupation? Artist
      • What is something you're working on? How can we support you? I'm working on a new series of portraits based on my children, and I'm usually always accepting commissions. You can find examples of my work on and my Instagram page (here).
    • Favorite movie from the 90s? Little Women
      • A book you're currently reading? The Lying Life of Adults by Elena Ferrante
      • One of your favorite clothing items in your closet? My grandfather's Army camouflage field jacket
      • Complete the sentence: "I feel most beautiful when..." I'm happy and out surrounded by my people.
      • What's one thing you've done that you're super proud of? Having an art piece juried into an exclusive national show.
        • Song title that describes your life right now? The Slow March of Time Flies by The Shadowboxers
        • One piece of fashion advice to share with our readers: Don't be afraid to take a risk!
        • Name a woman you admire and why. My first generation America grandmother - who's Greek immigrant parents made a new life for themselves in this country. She is one of the strongest, loving and most accepting women I know.
        • Something you wish every woman knew?  You are worthy.
         See Elena's incredible artwork by clicking here


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