Meet the Models Series: Jimeka Jones-Setzer (3 min read)

In my early 20s I was a teacher at a private Christian school in DC. This is where I befriended Jimeka! At some point my car was out of commission and I found out she lived about 10 minutes away from me. Being the wonderful person she is, she started giving me a ride to and from work everyday. In those car rides, our friendship grew and blossomed. Today she is a wife, mom, pastoral leader, and entrepreneur. And let me tell you, this girl can SAAAAAANG!! I am grateful to call her my friend.
      • Hometown? Washington, DC
      • What is your current occupation? I lean more toward my vocation these days, which encompasses pastoral care and wellness through Womanist Theology.
      • What is something you're working on? How can we support you? I am going into my 3rd year hosting I Am the Balm Wellness Retreat, an intimate overnight experience for God-conscious women who are yearning to strengthen their connection to God, self, and sacred sisterhood (see video below). COVID-19 wouldn’t let us be great this year so our 2020 gathering was moved to 2021. I welcome women to join us for the 2021 Balm retreat as we gather in the Pocono mountains of Pennsylvania. And…sssssssshhhhhh…let me let you in on a little secret. We are considering hosting the 2022 retreat on somebody’s island. Passport anyone??? Yes! Get your passport ready cause we got BIG things in store. 
      • Favorite movie from the 90s? Whew! But there are so many!?!? Ok, one??? Uuuuummmm….ok. Here we go lol. Sister Act
      • A book you're currently reading? The Cross and the Lynching Tree by James H. Cone
      • One of your favorite clothing items in your closet? One of my favorite clothing items right now is my one-piece jumpsuit. It is so soft, comfortable, and super cute! I love it so much, I bought two hahaha.
      • Complete the sentence: "I feel most beautiful when..." I slip into my full-length satin robe as I prepare for bed.
      • What's one thing you've done that you're super proud of? I finished graduate school 9 months pregnant. I waddled across the stage and grabbed my diploma.
        • Song title that describes your life right now? I have two. The first song is Before I Let Go by Frankie Beverly. This is a classic song within the African American community and will most likely get multi-generations on the dance floor at a wedding reception. This song represents celebration, excitement, fun and culture. It stops me in my tracks and causes me to dance and smile. This song always brings good memories. The second song is Brotha by Angie Stone. It is a salute to black men, the strength and variety they contribute to the community. This song reminds me to love the men in my life in big and tangible ways. To call, text, email, visit, hug and kiss them. To check on them. To believe in them. To encourage them. To be a receiver of them even when the world rejects them.
        • One piece of fashion advice to share with our readers: Stud earrings are a staple. A necklace here. A bracelet here. It doesn't have to be complicated. Just be cute!
        • Name a woman you admire and why. Urgh! This is a tough one. I admire so many women. Let’s call her “You Go Girl!” This is the woman who handles her business, cares for her neighbors, checks up on her girlfriends, builds relationships with the next generation, applies lip gloss before putting her mask on, compliments strangers on their hair/shoes/nails/dress/make-up, mutes her microphone on Zoom calls, minds her business, is consistent and reliable, and trusts God.
        • Something you wish every woman knew?  You are responsible for your happiness and contentment. Not your partner, kids, career or friends. You. Be committed to doing your own work and the rest will be revealed in time.

        If you would like to connect with Jimeka, visit her website here

        I Am The Balm Wellness Retreat

        "I AM THE BALM" Wellness Retreat 2019 Short Form from RGM - Gene Setzer on Vimeo.



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