F/W Style Crush: Blazers


Years ago I attended a fashion event in DC where Stacy London, from What Not To Wear, talked about her book The Truth About Style. Stacy dropped many gems that day about fashion, style, entrepreneurship, and womanhood . One style tip that has always stuck with me is what she said about blazers. She talked about how a great blazer, no matter your stage or age in life, is a key part of every wardrobe. I totally agree. A great blazer is an investment worth making. Although blazers are multi-seasonal, fall/winter is really the time when you see them shine. 

Why We're Crushing On Blazers:
1: Easy - Blazers are an easy way to pull a look together without much effort. We love easy style! The goal is always to look as great as possible in the easiest way possible. 
2: Versatile - Blazers are versatile. They come in so many different styles, fabrics, and colors. We love variety. And if you're a thrifter, you know that there are many throwback blazers at the thrift store but waiting to be reloved.
3: Sustainable - A great blazer will last you for many, many years. It's worth spending the money for quality, and getting alterations at a tailor if needed. Buy a classic blazer and you'll get a ton of wear out of it. The more the wearability, the more sustainability you'll have in your wardrobe.


Be sure to check out the Pulchritude blazer collection. Blazers go fast so if you ever see one you like, don't delay. It's one and done. 

Click here to see blazers currently available.


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