A Closet Full Of Clothes And Nothing To Wear (3-4 min read)

"I have NOTHING to wear!" We've heard it. We've said it. And most of the time we know it's not true. A lot of times this phrase is coming from a person who has a closet FULL of clothes. So why is there nothing to wear? There are a few reasons why this is the case.
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Reason #1: Not Shopping For Outfits
You may find that you have nothing to wear because when you shop, you buy random items because they are on sale or seem like a good in the moment. This is a great way to waste money. I have been so guilty of this! Try shopping for entire outfits. Also think of items you have in your closet that can be matched with your new purchase. If you have nothing, you may need to buy something so the new items don't just sit.
Reason #2: Your Closet Is Disorganized
Statistics show that we only wear about 20-25% of our wardrobe. We tend to pick the same items over and over again because those are most visible. Get organized! Remove the items that you don't need and don't wear. Donate them to charity or give them to a friend. I recently color coded my closet. It's a beautiful thing! If color coding isn't your thing, try organizing by type of merchandise. It really doesn't matter how you organize as long as it works for you.
Reason #3: Your Clothes Are Not Inspiring
The goal is to have a closet full of items we LOVE. Yes we need practical items. Yes we need basics. Yes we need comfortable clothes. But those things do not have to be boring. Don't buy things you don't love. Buy things that make you feel confident and beautiful when you put them on, even if it's just a white t-shirt and joggers.
Reason #4: Uncomfortable With Your Body
I have 4 kids. My body is not what it used to be. It has gone through many, many changes. There are times when I've loved the extra bit of weight and additional curves, and there are times when I've hated it. When you're uncomfortable with your body, getting dressed can sometimes feel like a chore. The way to combat this is by making sure you have clothes that fit your body properly, no matter your size. This may mean you have to get some items altered or tailored. Do it. Find a good tailor. 
Reason #5: Not Enough Basics
The more trendy, bright, or colorful the items, the less you are going to wear them. These kinds of statement pieces are memorable so when we repeat them, it stands out. Establish your wardrobe on the foundation of a basic color palette - black, navy, gray, white, khaki - and then add pops of color. Remember, basic doesn't mean boring.
Reason #6: Your Lifestyle Has Changed, Your Closet Has Not
Maybe you used to be a party goer and now you are not. Maybe you used to live in stiletto heels and now you can barely walk in them. Perhaps you used to work outside of the home and now you work from home. Each lifestyle change brings wardrobe changes. If your closet doesn't change along with your lifestyle, it's going to be hard to find things to wear. Update your wardrobe as your lifestyle changes. 
Reason #7: You Need Some Help
We all need help sometimes. Depending on how much you've accumulated over the years, your closet might be overwhelming and too much to handle alone. And that's okay. Ask a friend or family member or Team Pulchritude member to help you. You do not have to handle this alone. Teamwork makes the dreamwork!
think slow. shop smart. dress well.


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