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Style Tip: Buy a Denim Jacket You'll LOVE (2 min read)

"Build a closet full of items you love to wear." (ejs) Ever have that one friend who is consistent through each season of your life, always there no matter the situation, who makes you feel good, is supportive and fun to be around? Hopefully your answer is YES! Well that's what your denim jacket should be! No matter your age or stage of life, a denim jacket that you'll love to wear is key. The more you love it, the more you'll wear it, and the longer you'll keep it! We actually suggest having two - a fitted denim jacket and a slightly oversized one. Here's why: it gives you more options and more versatility. Denim jackets can be worn...

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allow me to introduce you...

Welcome to ScriboTUDE, the Pulchritude blog! Never heard of the word scribotude? That's because I made it up. :-) It's inspired by the latin word scribo which means 'I write' and the word pulchritude.  On the blog, our team will be sharing about all the things - fashion and style, sustainable living, great products, restaurants, places to visit, business, family, friendship, anything pulchritudinous, and occasionally Beyonce. :-) From time to time we'll also have some guest writers share with you so you can hear from different voices. We know some really dope women doing some really DOPE things! We hope you enjoy ScriboTUDE!   think different, shop different. -E

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